Since its establishment until today, our company has carried out hundreds of projects around the country and the world. Among the projects, there are “dry surface” fountains, waterfalls, water jets, water curtains, “dry fog”, interactive fountains and water displays.

The various projects combine advanced water systems that incorporate innovative technology, quality equipment and accessories imports visual world leading companies which provide an exceptional experience for visitors to the company’s sites.

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“AVIV FOUNTAINS LTD” provides fountain construction and maintenance services to public and private projects.

Our clients include municipalities as Beer sheva, Haifa, Rosh haain, Jerusalem, Haifa, Nazareth illit, private companies as “Waksman Govrin”,”J.T.L.V” and many more …

We’ll love to add you to the customers list long ago became the “Partners list”.

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aviv fountains

“AVIV FOUNTAINS LTD” is the leading company in ISRAEL for establishing of fountains and water systems. The company has advanced and innovative water,sound and lighting projects all over the country.

Our company employs first-rate professionals who give each project a unique touch and amazing finall look.